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Have you tried every diet that there is and you are still struggling to keep your weight down? Do find it difficult to come up with healthy meals on a daily basis that aren’t boring and costly?
Have you recently been diagnosed with a medical condition such as high cholesterol, diabetes, IBS or Crohn’s disease and want to know how you can change your diet to help manage your condition? Booking a face0to-face consultation with a dietitian could definitely benefit you.

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First consultation and eating plan

In the first consultation a full nutritional assessment will be done to gain better insight into your eating habits and lifestyle. The assessment will included a detailed medical history, and family medical history, we will look into our current eating habits and most common foods eaten, as well as your medication and supplement use. All of this information will be used to develop and individualized eating plan for you and help us to set realistic goals for you to reach. This first consultation will last about and hour. After the first consultation, a second consultation is required for me to give you your individualized eating plan and explain it to you so that there is no confusion. This second consult will last about 30 minutes. The eating plan will include a 7 day sample menu with appropriate portion sizes, as well as some recipes to help guide you. Lastly, if  you are on Discovery Vitality, you will automatically receive 1000 vitality points when on your consultation.

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Follow-up consultations

Regular follow-up visits have been linked to better result and achievement of goals. Attending regular follow-up visits improves adherence to new dietary and lifestyle behaviours. In the follow up visits we will also be able to make any necessary adjustments to your eating plan to imake sure that you are reaching your goals. Follow up appointments are generally 20 – 30 minutes long.


Other Services

As a dietitian I offer many other services other than those listed above. I am available for a range of other services from recipe and menu adaptions to facilitating “biggest loser” competitions, giving presentations to small groups and even cooking demonstrations..
If you are interested in a service that has not been listed, please do not hesitate to contact me to see if I can assist you.